Friday, 25 March 2011

To Wow or Not to Wow?

Well, I feel like I've been in a bit of a slump lately. Card production has been fine but there is something about these cards that just doesn't feel quite right... They just seem to be missing that WOW factor. This first one has been in my head for a long time and I've actually made it a couple of times. It just doesn't have the sparkle or fantasy element that it does in my imagination.

All products are CTMH unless otherwise noted.
Paper: Lucky
Stamps: Lucky Workshop, Shining Star, Enjoy Life
Ink: Denim
Ribbon from who the heck knows where as I've had it stashed away forever. :)

These next ones are the ones we did at my most recent gathering. There were some fun techniques and I had such a good time doing them! Again though, missing that wow factor for me...
I totally love the Shining Star stamp set as well as that little curlycue from Enjoy Life. I wanted to show the difference of changing just one colour can do to make a different look. At first I thought the blue one looked too "American" (no offense to any americans of course) but surprisingly enough, that's the one everyone chose to do!

All products are CTMH unless otherwise noted.
Paper: Lucky
Stamps: Shining Star, Enjoy Life, Rustic Alphabet
Ink: Smoothie, Denim, Olive
Ribbon again from who knows where as I've had both for a looong time.
CTMH's Glitz Glitter Gel to jazz up my stars.

This last one was the funnest to do. A little tricky for some to get the flower into a 3-D shape but I love how the stamp enables that to happen.

All products CTMH unless otherwise noted.
Paper: Mayberry
Stamps: Spring Up
Ink: Smoothie, Olive

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