Thursday, 30 June 2011

Studio J Creation

Being that it's the last day to get a free jpg file from Studio J, I figured I better get on it!! It was surprisingly much more fun than I thought it would be. I think it would be awesome to create these online and then just order all the stuff to make it for real instead of just getting a picture of it... Then again, one wouldn't be able to change the size of things and flip pictures so easily in real life... These photos were from shortly after my little one's birth (as you can see). Let me know what you think!

I never had this paper package called Twitterpated so it was really fun to be able to use it. That was one of the things I enjoyed most about Studio J too; picking the paper and the layout design. So easy! Cheers!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Twilight Dreams

I had the idea for this one in my head and managed to get all the pieces together the other day before finally being able to put it together just now as Nevae is napping. This one is simply for my own personal pleasure as I wanted to use the You and Me stamp set from CTMH. I also thought I better practice some embossing which was perfect for this card because of the white. White ink just never seems to show up as bright as one might want it to. I found an old CTMH paper pack in my stash which worked perfectly as well. It's so nice when everything comes together just how you want it to... Enjoy!

All products CTMH unless otherwise noted.
Cardstock: White Daisy, Twilight
Pattern Paper: Aspen
Stamp Sets: You and Me, Lucky
Ink: White, Lagoon
Embellishments: Big White Daisy Flower, Pink Button, White Floss, and the pink flowers ribbon is from my stash.

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, 27 June 2011

My Life as a Maze

I often get to feeling as if I'm living in a giant maze. I know there is an end to it somewhere with sunshine and rainbows and a pot of gold and all of that, but somehow I just can't seem to ever get there. I am in a maze full of dead ends! Yes, sometimes I get closer to the finish before I hit yet another dead end. Yes, I learn not to go in certain directions again (sometimes this takes repeated attempts). Yes, I feel I am fully "experiencing" the journey - whether times are good or bad. But for all of this traveling so to speak, it often seems as if I'm actually getting nowhere! I do know where it is I want to go and I do try many different directions (I think) but somehow I keep ending up at those stand-stills or cross-roads where I realize I really haven't gotten much further than the last direction I tried. It would be so nice to get up high and have the bird's eye view of my maze of life. If I could only see exactly how to get there... Alas, I must continue to trudge along, carrying my little bag of hope with me and start mapping out my next plan of attack. Maybe I need to run into one of those vacation detours again...

Mojo Monday and H2H Colour Challenge

I was looking at the cards I've done in the past few months and I realized there were only about three or four of them that didn't have any green in them. Wow, green is such a versatile colour! I'm not sick of green yet but I was glad for Heart 2 Heart's colour challenge this week which did not include green at all. The required colours for the challenge were as follows:

Now, I didn't actually have any Barn Red so I hope it's ok that I used Cranberry instead. Very patriotic colours for those in the good ol' US of A.
I also thought I'd get in on some Mojo Monday this week so here is the design sketch to follow:

Ahh, it's so nice to be off work this week and getting some of my creative juices flowing onto paper instead of just in my head. Now if only I could be getting paid at the same time... Ok and here is my masterpiece!

All products are Close To My Heart unless otherwise noted.
Cardstock: Bamboo, Colonial White
Pattern Paper: Lucky, Magnifique
Stamp Set: Hot Diggity (this one is just so fun!)
Ink: Cranberry, Outdoor Denim
Embellishments: Canvas Badge, Blue Button, Red Brads, Hemp, and the red ribbon was in my stash from Who Knows Where. Oh and googly eyes from WalMart.

Thanks so much for visiting and for all your comments!! :)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Butterfly Miracle

I made this card for my most recent gathering. I used the Delight stamp set and Miracle paper. We did the stamp rolling technique for our butterfly and I chose the "Life is good" sentiment as it is short and sweet. I may not necessarily agree with it right now but "fake it 'til you make it" right? Right. As always thanks for visiting and feel free to let me know what you think!

All products CTMH unless otherwise noted.
Cardstock: Colonial White, Sky Blue
Pattern Paper: Miracle
Stamps: Delight, Treetops
Ink: Lagoon, Pear, Desert Sand
Embellishments: Colonial White Ribbon, Opaque Gem

For My Dad

I know this is late but this is the Father's Day card I made for my Dad (who unfortunately hasn't received it yet!). I just wanted everyone to know what a great Dad I have. He really is of the best variety. My Dad is of the kind who is ALWAYS there when you need him, no matter how big or small the obstacle. He is the kind of Dad who lets you make your own decisions and choices, and then gives his never-ending support for what was chosen whether he agrees with it necessarily or not. My Dad is the kind who leads by example, yet isn't afraid to point out his own faults and weaknesses (yes Dad, I know you have none...). My Dad is the best and I know without a doubt that I won the family lottery when I was born his daughter. I even found a quote by Alexander The Great which sums up my Dad pretty good: "I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well." Thanks Dad!

All products CTMH unless otherwise noted.
Cardstock: Colonial White, Chocolate,
Pattern Paper: Magnifique
Ink: Lagoon
Embellishments: Assorted Blue Button, Hemp, "Dad" from a random selection of sticker letters I had (not CTMH).

Monday, 6 June 2011


Summer is the time of weddings and that's what the challenge is this week for Heart 2 Heart. I love the look of black and white with one accent colour. I chose blue for "something blue." My second choice would have been red. I stamped all the swirls and then had to add one of my own, done with hemp inked in blue. It didn't turn out as perfect as I wanted and if I did it again I would simply draw it in black ink. I also wanted to make the sentiment stand out a bit more... I guess it's critique myself day at home. Overall, I love the idea of this card more than what it actually turned out to be (does that make sense?). Thanks for visiting. :)

All products CTMH unless otherwise noted.
Cardstock: White Daisy, Black
Stamps: Playful Flourishes
Ink: Black
Embellishments: Black and transparent blue ribbon, Blue Flower, Black brads and black bitty brads.
Additions not CTMH: Stickles, Love sentiment, Blue sparkle dots, Diamond brad in center of flower.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Heart 2 Heart Sketch Challenge

Well I'm a bit late getting this one in for the week but it seems my life revolves around work, ball games, hockey games (Go Canucks!), and kids. So for last week's challenge at Heart 2 Heart it's a sketchy one. And by sketchy I mean that in the most literal sense; basically follow the pattern. I love to see the variety that comes out in these ones. Here is what the sketch is and following is my own interpretation...

This was a really fun card to do. I made it 4x7 and used some nice bright colours. For some reason I just couldn't follow the sketch exactly by putting the image on the bottom left side, so here's my cute birdy on the right instead. Fairly simple but I'm happy with the result.

All supplies are CTMH unless otherwise noted.
Cardstock: Hollyhock, Buttercup
Pattern Paper: Boom-Di-Ada
Stamp Set: Hot Diggity
Ink: Garden Green, Hollyhock
Embellishments: Sweet Leaf Ribbon, Yellow brad

As always, thanks so much for visiting. Love all your comments. :)