Monday, 27 June 2011

My Life as a Maze

I often get to feeling as if I'm living in a giant maze. I know there is an end to it somewhere with sunshine and rainbows and a pot of gold and all of that, but somehow I just can't seem to ever get there. I am in a maze full of dead ends! Yes, sometimes I get closer to the finish before I hit yet another dead end. Yes, I learn not to go in certain directions again (sometimes this takes repeated attempts). Yes, I feel I am fully "experiencing" the journey - whether times are good or bad. But for all of this traveling so to speak, it often seems as if I'm actually getting nowhere! I do know where it is I want to go and I do try many different directions (I think) but somehow I keep ending up at those stand-stills or cross-roads where I realize I really haven't gotten much further than the last direction I tried. It would be so nice to get up high and have the bird's eye view of my maze of life. If I could only see exactly how to get there... Alas, I must continue to trudge along, carrying my little bag of hope with me and start mapping out my next plan of attack. Maybe I need to run into one of those vacation detours again...

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